Volunteer Opportunities at Legal Clinics The LLSA has a number of volunteer opportunities avialable to interested students in the form of short clinics. Dates and times for future clinics are posted on our calendar on the homepage and anyone seeking more information can contact our Community Service Chair, Roxanna Topete at roxanna.topete.2016@lawmail.usc.edu.


Teen Court _ 1 063Teen Court 

Every other Wednesday from 2:00-4:00, our group travels to Roosevelt High School to work with their Teen Court Program. Volunteers get to observe court proceedings before two Superior Court Justices.  In this interesting twist on restorative justice, minors accused of committing lower level crimes are given the option to appear before a jury of their peers and have Roosevelt high school students decide on corrective measures. LLSA students sit in the jury deliberation room and provide hands-on insight into the legal process for high-schoolers involved in this program. All of the Teen Court dates are on the Calendar. Moreover, space at Teen Court is limited, so please contact our Teen Court Chair, Jessica Anderson, jessica.anderson.2016@lawmail.usc.edu if you are interested in joining us.



Hora Latina

The Spanish-speaking members of LLSA and all Spanish-speakers on campus spend and hour every month engaging in conversation  to practice, or even learn, Spanish. Each Hora Latina will place emphasis was on learning a different set of legal terms that will be useful for anyone in the legal field. Watch for a calendar of Hora Latina theme days coming soon.


La Taquiza  

In honor of the hardworking cleaning and security staff at the school, each year LLSA organizes a Taquiza at the law school.  The entire school is invited to partake in the delicious festivities.  Priority given to the great staff of the school who receive their food first. Please join us this semester in thanking those who help this school function.

the LLSA

Signing the card

Everyone’s Thank yous

Thank You card

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La Taquiza


Various Mixers and Networking Events  


The LLSA is often invited to get to know others in our community. Throughout the year we will attend mixers with practicing attorneys and judges that work in many areas of the law.  We have some really great USC Alumni who come back and get to know our group.  We also have mixers with law students from the other major law schools in the area where we all come together and share war stories. We meet with the Latino Graduate Student Association and get to know others attending professional school at USC. It is also important to us to spend time with other affinity groups on campus and get to know what is happening outside of the Latino Community. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet people listed on the calendar and we hope you will join us! LLSA_2013 11 04






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