USC Gould Launches the First Generation Professionals Program

USC Gould School of Law Welcomes Its First Latino Dean

USC Gould School of Law Students Supports Central California Legal Services

USC workers reach agreement, March 8, 2015

USC Latino Student Empowerment Conference, January 24th, 2015

Pathway to Citizenship Likely to Be Rocky, L.A. Times February 18, 2013,0,158644.story

ID card for illegal immigrants breezes through L.A. council panel, Los Angeles Times, October 16, 2012

Mayor Says Mexican Teen Boy Was Shot Seven Times By U.S. Border Patrol Agent, October 14, 2012


LAPD won’t honor federal requests to detain some illegal immigrants, Los Angeles Times, October 4 2012


“The proposed changes to LAPD protocols are the latest, and most dramatic, move by Beck to redefine the department’s position on immigration issues. While the change is expected to impact only about 400 arrests a year, it marks a dramatic attempt by the nation’s second-largest police department to distance itself from federal immigration policies that Beck says unfairly treats nonviolent offenders who are illegal immigrants.”

New Mexico Offers Look at U.S. Elections of the Future, September 29, 2012

According to Census Bureau projections, by 2030 the Hispanic share of the country’s population will nearly double, to 23 percent from 13 percent, while the non-Hispanic white population is likely to drop by 16 points, to 53 percent.

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