Academic Resources for Students

LLSA is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of each of its members during their time at Gould and beyond. The Latinx community is historically underrepresented in the legal field. LLSA strives to provide academic resources to each of its members to help them succeed and foster greater representation within the legal field.

1L Outlines

LLSA recommends that students sign up for large organizations like First Generation Professionals (FGP), Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA), and South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA) to access their 1L outline banks.

Book Exchange

LLSA facilitates a book sale program. This program allows students to buy new and used books directly from LLSA. All funds made benefit club activities.

Mentorship Program

LLSA facilitates its own mentorship program. It pairs each 1L with a 2L with similar career interests and backgrounds. The 2L will serve as a mentor for the 1L throughout their law school experience.

Remote Academic Workshops

Given the unprecedented circumstances due to covid-19, LLSA is working hard to provide remote academic workshops for its 1L members. LLSA will be hosting various workshops throughout the year that will focus on topics vital for 1Ls success. Workshop topics include How to Brief a Case, How to Outline, How to Take a Final, and How to Master the Write-On Competition. LLSA will also be partnering with the other affinity groups to host remote workshops throughout the year.

Peer Tutors Program

Gould also provides the Peer Tutors program for 1Ls. Peer tutors serve as academic resources for the 1L class. Each super section is assigned its own Peer Tutor. Peer tutors host various academic workshops throughout the year and host office hours to help students individually.

JD Writing Fellows Program

Gould also provides the JD Legal Writing Fellows Program for the 1L writing courses. Each small section is assigned its own JD Writing Fellow. The Fellows teach citation exercises and host office hours each week to help individuals with their writing assignments.

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